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William Oliver GrayWilliam Oliver Gray
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During World War One many British Soldiers used to be given a little bear by their sweethearts and loved ones. These bears had eyes that were high up on their heads which peeped out of the soldiers' top pockets. This little bear on this page is one of my versions of these bears.  Today the original Soldier Bears are much sought after and fetch many hundreds of pounds.

If you would like a Soldier Bear made and named after someone special to you please contact me with details.

Private William Oliver Gray was  a soldier in WW1. This mini Soldier Bear is named after him. 

I have just looked at the details of this young man who died at the age of 24 and he lived in the next road to where I live now and he is buried in the lovely St Andrews church opposite. 

William is one of the smaller Soldier Bears I make and is 23/4 inches when standing. He is made from red mohair which I have plucked, shaded, waxed and added faux stitches to for a "well loved" look. 

He has one black glass eye and one glass coloured eye, a sparsely stitched nose and is fully cotter pin jointed. He is stuffed with kapok, used in the making of early bears, and his body is filled with steel shot for added weight.William wears a stripped sash fastened with a rusty old pin which holds a bronze coloured 'hope' charm.

If you would like to reserve any of the Little Scruffs on my site for up to 5 weeks a £10 deposit will secure.

If you are in the UK and would prefer to have this bear sent by the lower price of signed for or by courier please let me know and I will adjust the postage.which includes tracking and is insured up to £50. Further insurance can be added on request.

Postage outside the UK is discounted at £7.25 and details  of insurance etc can be found on my Terms page




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