Edgar Sawtelle

Edgar Sawtelle
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Now sold

Edgar is just a little bit over 3 1/2" tall. He is made from a stone coloured mohair which I have distressed with plucking, staining ,hand painting and waxing. I have further aged him with black stitching. He has black glass eyes and an embroidered, waxed nose. He is fully cotter pin jointed and is filled with kapok and has steel shot in his body for a nice heavy feeling.
Edgar is wearing an aged Christmas ruff around his neck. It is removable so if you wanted a rusty old bell instead please say.
Where did his name come from? I am reading 'The story of Edgar Sawtelle' at the moment. One from Oprah's 2008 book club. The name just seemed to suit this little bear Unfortunately I only ever get to read a book for about half an hour a day so I shall be a long time finishing it!

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