The Hippy Bunny

Hippy Bunny
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Firstly The Hippy Bunny

Put your sunglasses on and go back in time to Flower Power and all that!!!

Now sold

Here we have the very Hippy Bunny! It all came about when I was looking for a button! While looking for a button I came across this fab (see  I am even talking the lingo!!) retro material desperate to be turned into something.

Not counting ears, this bunny is approximately 4" (101/2 cm) tall. She has black glass eyes  and a pink nose & tiny mouth. Her head and limbs are made from white mohair and her ears, body and paws are multi coloured cotton. She has steel shot in her tummy to give her extra weight and the rest of her is filled with kapok. She is five way cotterpin jointed, has light shading to enhance features and wears red flowers around her head which can easily be removed.

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