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Please say hello to my new 2011 design The Wrinklies!!!

Firstly the gold wrinkly. He is made from 1950's American upholstery velvet and is approximately 3 1/2" tall.

He is fully cotterpin jointed with small black glass eyes and an embroidered ,waxed nose. He has a plump little tummy full of steel shot. The rest of him is filled with kapok.

I have added hand painting for extra character

There will never be 2 wrinklies the same as it would be impossible for me to sculpt the wrinkles in the same places!!! It takes a lot longer to complete one of these little bears/dogs so I cannot guarantee the price of the next Wrinklies will stay the same.

The second bear/dog is made from cream vintage velvet and his details are the same although he is just a fraction smaller

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