Phillip Brotherwood

Phillip Brotherwood
Phillip BrotherwoodPhillip BrotherwoodArtist bearPhillip Brotherwood
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One little bear is very old and the other is a Little Scruff. The old bear was a special  present which I love  so it was nice to make a similar one to sell.

Phillip Brotherwood (I have no idea where this name came from!) is made from vintage mohair that I have aged further for a "well loved" look

He is approximately 4 & 1/2" tall and is made up quite differently to my normal bears. His head and body are one piece like the original bear and his arms and legs arew string jointed. He has black glass eyes  and I have left one of his ears looking like it is half falling off. He is filled with kapok ans steel shot and has ribbon around his neck. If you would like a rusty bell with him please let me know.

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