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 Bear Book 


The Way of the Bear

Shortly we hope to have  this book available in a smaller, better quality  version with a new cover. I will update when it is out, hopefully before the Dollshouse show so I can bring copies with me.


 "The Way of the Bear "by Norman Silver and David Passes  is now available to purchase through Amazon. This is a 94 page book of photographs and verse full of  my Little Scruffs and suitable for children and grown ups alike. You can purchase it in book form or Kindle.

Norman Silver has a Fellowship with the Royal Photographic Society and I am honoured that he has chosen my bears for his book



                                                         This would make a lovely gift for any age. Here are some of the reviews



I absolutely LOVE this book! From the utterly adorable and exquisite tiny hand-made bears, with their little faces peering out at you, and their bewitching outfits and settings, to the gentle, inspiring and comforting humour and wisdom. A brilliant concept, excellently photographed and put together. It is uplifting and enchanting; a reference book for life, a treasury of bear enlightenment!


If a person did naught in her or his life but embrace and personify the words and photographs of The Way of the Bear, that person would live a simple, wholesome, and happy life indeed! This wonderful book, in it's own small, quiet way, makes the world a kinder, happier place to live. The wit and wisdom are simple and profound, and the stars of the book- the artistic Teddy Bear creations of Jean Grogan- will capture your heart, and make you yearn to live the life of a Teddy Bear. The wonderful truth is that we all, Teddy Bear and human alike, can follow the path that is The Way of the Bear!


I bought this book for my Beautiful Fiancé, Sarah, for Christmas. She has been hinting about this for a while now, since it was mentioned to her in an email from the Teddy Bear maker, Jean Grogan (who is a nice, genuine bear maker/designer) and is who actually made the Bears for this book (although, it does reference this inside the book). The words are inspiring, the photos are funny and also thought-provoking and Sarah just absolutely loves it, as she also collects her bears!

A must for people who love to read and want a pick-me-up with the lovely words. Highly recommended for what is actually an extremely reasonable price. Wisdom indeed.


This book is lovely, really charming. The bears are really cute and the photos are quirky. The text is a gentle set of 'rules' that teddy bears live by, but they are sweet, uplifting and often funny rather than sickening!
If you like Pooh bear's philosophy on life you will love this book, or as another reviewer said, it would be a perfect gift for a friend going through a low patch.


This is such a lovely book! I bought a copy for my granddaughter for Christmas and now I shall have to buy more for adult friends. It's a delight from start to finish. Beautiful, wise words from an impeccable source - Teddy Bears! Simply beatiful.


A delightful book with beautiful photos of some very special creations and lovely words to go with them. I would recommend to all, this would make a great gift especially to all the bear lovers out there!


This is a lovely heart-warming book full of wonderful pictures and sentiments. The perfect gift for cheering up a friend who may be going through a rough patch or just to put a smile on their face.


This is just lovely. So heartwarming. The quotes are inspiring and the photographs are beautiful. Definitely a must buy for all bear lovers!




I loved the teddy bears so individual and wise.
I loved the quotes.
I would recommend this book to adults and children.


Love the book and all the little darlings from little scruffs.


Everyone loves a teddy bear and every home should have this delightful book. I love it!!


A delightful book with beautiful photos of some very special creations and lovely words to go with them. I would recommend to all, this would make a great gift especially to all the bear lovers out there!


A beautiful gift for the young and the young at heart


A beautiful, gentle book of happiness.
Great for warming the heart in you.
It warmed the heart in me.
Very wise.


Speedy delivery - excellent book


Little Scruffs - Handmade Miniature Mohair Bears
By Jean Grogan