C Hogbin

C Hogbin
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Now Sold

Now sold

I picked up a wonderful old Trunk yesterday with the name C. Hogbin across it. My mind wondered to who it might have belonged to and so another Soldier Bear was made! Colin as I shall call him, is approximately 3& 1/2" tall and made from a blonde spikey mohair which as you might guess has been heavily aged. He has been stained, painted, plucked, waxed, had patches and faux stitching to him and wears a bandage on one arm. He has a black, vintage French boot button for one eye and a vintage button for the other.
Colin is fully cotterpin jointed and filled with kapok, used in the making of early bears, and has steel shot in his body for extra weight.

Little Scruffs - Handmade Miniature Mohair Bears
By Jean Grogan