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The makings of Clive began in my local Antique shop. I had eyed the roll of vintage upholstery fabric up on many occasions and eventually asked if I could purchase a tiny amount. Thank you Clive for tearing a piece off and here is the bear bearing your name!
Clive is just about 3" tall and the fabric has a lovely sheen on it not picked up on the photo.
I have plucked, shaded and waxed him for a nice 'old bear' look and added faux stitching to his ear and front. He has black glass eyes and a sparsely embroidered and waxed nose and mouth and ultra suede paws. Clive, as in all my bears, is filled with kapok and has steel shot in his body. He is fully cotterpin jointed and was a nightmare to turn his little limbs!!! He comes wearing a rusty old bell around his neck

Little Scruffs - Handmade Miniature Mohair Bears
By Jean Grogan