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Now Sold

I love the mohair that I have used for Hector. I found it at an antique fair and it was actually a forlorn looking vintage duck with only one wing. Originally he was blue but I think years of maybe being in the sun has faded most of it. You can just see bits of blue. Anyway I was convinced this was going to be a real boy bear and named him Hector but now I can see a much gentler side to him and think he would also make a good girl bear. So if you would like to adopt this bear please feel free to change his name/sex
For now he is Hector and he is 31/2" tall. He has blue glass eyes and an embroidered, waxed nose. He has suede feet and is 5 way cotterpin jointed. He is filled with kapok, used in the making of early bears and has steel shot in his body for a nice heavy feel. Hector wears a rusty old bell around his neck

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